Police Officers sensitized on healthy life living


The Accra Regional Police Command has organized a day health sensitization lecture for its Police officers, aimed at alerting officers on the need to develop and build lifestyles that enhance their mental and physical well-being in the discharge of their day-to-day duties.

The Regional Police Commander, DCOP/Mr. Patrick Adusei Sarpong in his opening remarks opined that the workshop, which is under the theme “Building a Resilient Healthy Lifestyle for Effective Policing” is the first to be organized by the command this year and will be organized periodically to ensure that all Police officers benefit from it. He also added that one of the thematic areas for the transformational agenda of the current Police administration is the welfare and professional development of the Police officer, as such an officer must be  fit at all times to protect others, hence the workshop.


The lecture touched on Suicide Prevention, Stress, Diabetes, Hypertension and Financial Management with resource persons from the Police Hospital.

A Public health doctor at the Police Hospital, C/Supt Mr. Michael Vieira who took personnel through Diabetes and hypertension prevention stressed on the need for officers to engage in regular checkups to know their sugar and hypertensive levels for early diagnosis and treatment. He cautioned them against unhealthy lifestyles such as poor eating habits and excessive smoking as these habits highly weaken the body system hence paving way for other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension to set in.

ASP/Mr. Foster Nanewortor, the clinical psychologist at the Police Hospital mentioned that Police officers have over the years been diagnosed of psychological health challenges such as depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress and acute/chronic stress reaction due to stress related duties. To support his claim, ASP/Mr. Foster Nanewortor revealed that in 2018 alone, the psychologist clinic of the hospital recorded and treated 108 personnel diagnosed with most of the above mentioned health related conditions; he advised against seeing a doctor only when their body breaks down and rather visit the hospital regularly for general health screening.


Again, he added that “We have experienced trends of suicide among officers and this is also due to the nature of our work, such as shootout with criminals, exposure to scenes of violent crime and fatal accident, long hours of robust work within hostile environments, months of routine night duties etc., therefore we have to reach out to Police officers on ways to manage and minimize their stress levels.” he said.

Cautioning officers on alcohol abuse, he disclosed that in each year, out of every hundred (100) officers seen at the psychology unit, sixty (60) percent have alcohol related disorders with strong connection to occupational stress, He also hinted on the dangers of resorting to alcohol as a coping mechanism for stress management, which he described as dangerous for an officer.

The session ended with a lecture on financial management from Sergeant Israel Vigbedor, a finance administrator of the region who provided officers with tips on financial management and the need to be frugal in order to lessen financial burdens.

Source: Public Affairs Unit, Accra Region