The Chief Staff Officer is responsible to the IGP for the following:

  1. All administrative correspondence to and from the National Headquarters;
  2. The efficient running and administration of the Confidential Registry, General Registry, Records office, Orderly Room, Establishment and Archives;
  3. Recommend through the Director-General, Administration for the posting and placement of Senior Police Officers;
  4. Liaise with the Director-General, Welfare for the organisation of welfare meetings for personnel of the National Headquarters Formations;
  5. Propose administrative and academic promotions for consideration by the Police Appointment and Promotions Advisory Board (APAB);
  6. Organise and coordinate movements of the IGP and POMAB members for official functions and other social events;
  7. Liaison between the IGP and the Police Management Board Members as well as between the IGP and the Regional Police Commanders on all official matters;
  8. Secretary for POMAB and APAB;
  9. Chairman of the Regional Disciplinary Board at the headquarters;
  10. Any other duty as assigned by the IGP.