1. The Regional Commander is responsible to the IGP for the executive and administrative duties of all ranks in the region.
  2. The Regional Commander shall administer command in accordance with Police regulations and orders and shall satisfy himself/herself that all such regulations and orders are carefully observed and carried out by all ranks under his/her command.
  3. The Commander shall thoroughly familiarize himself/herself with conditions existing in the Region, and shall be responsible to the IGP for the following matters within the Region:-
    • Directing and supervising the prevention and detection of crime and the enforcement of law generally throughout the Region. The Commander shall closely supervise the investigation of crime and the work of the CID within the Region;
    • Close collaboration with CID Headquarters in the investigation of all cases of importance or difficulty and in the investigation of all serious crimes;
    • The correct submission of returns and reports of crime and occurrences from the Region to CID Headquarters. The Commander shall take precautions to ensure that all fingerprint forms and other CID documents relating to the registration of criminals are transmitted to CID Headquarters without delay;
    • Close collaboration with Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) in matters affecting the security of the State;
    • The efficiency, zeal, discipline, training and instruction of all members of the Service under his command together with the general supervision over all duties performed by them;
    • The proper conduct of Promotion Boards, the selection of men, and the submission of recommendations for promotion and advancement in grade;
    • The control of public funds and stores on charge the Region. The Commander shall ensure that funds are properly accounted for, that no expenditure is made without authority and that stores and property are maintained in good condition, properly accounted for and issued only with due authority;
    • The drafting and dispatch to the IGP and the correctness and completeness of all reports, required by Headquarters; the signing of all necessary certificates, vouchers, etc;
    • The circulation to Divisional/District Headquarters and Stations of all orders issued for the general information, instruction and guidance of the Service;
    • The welfare of all members of the Service in the region including the proper conduct of Mess, Canteen, Sports Clubs, etc., together with the supervision and control of any committees formed for their management;
    • The efficient supervision, maintenance and repair of all Police buildings in the   Region and the enforcement of Barracks rules and discipline;
    • The supervision of all Senior Officers in the Region and the proper carrying out of duties by all members of the Service within the Region;
    • The making of recommendations to the IGP regarding the following matters:-
      • The posting of Senior Officers and Inspectors stationed in the Region;
      • The promotion of members of the Inspectorate and of the rank and file, and all matters connected with promotion;
      • Promotion courses, refresher courses, etc.
      • The granting or withholding of increments of Senior Officers and Inspectors;
      • Commendations and/or monetary awards to members of the Inspectorate and of the rank and file;
      • The granting of leave to members of the Service under his/her command;
      • The systematic and efficient instructions in Police duties, etc, of all members of the rank and file;
      • The approval of the grant of increments to members of the rank and file.
    • The submission to the IGP of Annual Confidential Reports on Senior Officers and Inspectors; ensuring that Records of Service of all members of the Inspectorate and the rank and file are kept correctly and up to date;
    • The proper enforcement of discipline throughout the region; and the recommendation to the IGP for the interdiction of members charged with criminal offences;
    • Preparation of advance proposals under the Police head of the estimates and under the development head estimates;
    • The preparation of the draft estimates for the Police in the Region;
    • The submission of the Annual Report for the Region;
    • The regular inspection of Regional/Divisional/District Headquarters, Police Stations, Posts and Units within the Region.
  4. The Regional Commander shall not leave the Region without the authority of the IGP. When proceeding on a tour of inspection, which necessitates his/her absence from Regional Headquarters for a period longer than 24 hours, the Commander shall report the proposed movement to IGP prior to departure from the Regional Headquarters.
  5. The Commander shall visit and inspect all Stations and Posts in the Region as frequently as the exigencies of the Service permit, shall record his/her notes in the relevant Inspection Books at the conclusion of each inspection and shall submit Police Form 31 expeditiously in accordance with Service Instruction No. 15. The Commander shall inspect every Police Station in the Region at least once in every six months.
  6. In the absence of the Regional Commander from the Headquarters, the second in command shall carry out the duties of the office subject to any instructions which may be given by the Regional Commander. In the absence of the second in command, the routine duties of the Regional Commander shall be carried out by the next Senior Officer subject to the instructions of the Regional Commander.
  7. A Senior Officer carrying out the duties of a Regional Commander during the latter’s absence from his/her Headquarters is not empowered to issue any instructions or orders affecting policy.
  8. The Commander shall personally hold a parade once every month when he/she is present at the Regional Headquarters or at the Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) Barracks where applicable at which all available Senior Officers, Inspectors, NCOs and men shall be present. Drill of all types shall be practised on alternate parades and a parade state shall be maintained to ensure that all ranks attend a maximum number of parades.  Where space permits and other Stations are accessible, NCOs and men from these Stations shall attend the Regional Commander’s parade, provided transport facilities permit this being done.
  9. He is responsible for the proper maintenance and efficiency of all Police transport, wireless installations and all assets of the Police Service under his command.