The Director-General, Finance is responsible to the IGP for the following:

  1. The entire Finance Department of the Service;
  2. Payroll;
  3. Pensions and Gratuity;
  4. Budget;
  5. Welfare Scheme and Consumer (Fund Management);
  6. Cash Management;
  7. Finance Documentation and Processing Unit;
  8. Finance offices of the various schedules, departments and units, which are classified as cost centres and prepare their own budgets for consolidation to the main Police Central Administration budget;
  9. Engage extensively with the Central Government to obtain sufficient funds to support operational and administrative activities of the Service;
  10. Ensure prudent and judicious use of financial resources in accordance with the provisions of the 1992 Constitution, Public Financial Management Act, 2016 (Act, 921), Financial Administration Regulations, 2004 (LI 1802) and other related and relevant financial laws and regulations;
  11. Facilitate prompt and accurate payment of salary and other related allowances as well as other personnel claims;
  12. Ensure prompt releases of funds for operations and other financial needs of the Service;
  13. Facilitate prompt processing of pension benefits for retired Police Officers and dependents of deceased Police Officers in respect of gratuities and monthly pension;
  14. Processing of commuted pension for dependents of retired deceased Police Officers and compensation for dependents of Police Officers who die or are injured in line of duty;
  15. Centrally manage the Police and Civilian Employee Funds of Welfare Schemes and also ensure the equitable distribution of welfare consumer items and loans to Police Officers;
  16. Preparation of Annual Financial Statements for submission to the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department and the Auditor-General as required by law;
  17. Facilitate prompt payment to all financial stakeholders such as suppliers of goods and services, contractors, Landlords/ladies, etc;
  18. Management of the Police Social and Fitness Centre and other commercial Police private projects of similar nature;
  19. Advise on periodic review of fees and charges for all commercial services rendered by the Service;
  20. Recommend to the Police Administration for approval any service rendered by Police that can be commercialized, as and when such services are identified;
  21. Identify and relate with private stakeholders and corporate Ghana to encourage the private funding of some specific projects and programmes that cannot be supported from state coffers;
  22. Control, supervise and ensure effective financial management for the smooth running of the Service;
  23. Introduce and implement approved financial controls and auditing mechanisms to eliminate waste and minimize financial malpractices;
  24. Any other duties as assigned by the IGP.

D-G, Finance, COP/Mr. Michael Nketia Frempong