The Director-General, National Protection Directorate (NAPD) shall be responsible to the IGP for all security issues relating to the Council of State, Parliamentary Service, Judicial Service, Diplomatic offices and Financial Institutions throughout the country. He/she shall:

  1. Ensure the protection of all diplomatic staff, their offices and residences, and handle all security breaches at the premises;
  2. Liaise with the internal security details of Embassies, High Commissions and International Organisations as and when required;
  3. Provide maximum security to the Council of State and Parliamentary Service in the performance of their functions;
  4. Provide Fixed Guard to all Financial Institutions who require its services;
  5. Ensure that all clients pay reasonable fees for services;
  6. Make proposals to the IGP for revision of fees as and when necessary;
  7. Keep updated data of all clients and ensure proper communication and regular meetings to address all security concerns;
  8. Review new requests received by the Directorate;
  9. Advise the Police Administration on quality assurance of services provided to its clients;
  10. Perform any other duties as directed by the IGP

The National Protection Directorate shall consist of the Diplomatic Protection Unit (DPU), Parliamentary Protection Unit (PPU) and Financial Institutions Protection Unit (FIPU).

Functions of Diplomatic Protection Unit (DPU)

  1. Provide Fixed Guard at all designated Embassy and High Commission premises and any other diplomatic offices as stipulated by law;
  2. Ensure maximum protection of life and property;
  3. Liaise with other private security offices in all matters of security at the place;
  4. Provide assistance on all security related matters;
  5. Provide fixed residential and escort duties to Council of State members;
  6. Provide fixed residential guard and escort duties to Ministers, Deputy Ministers and some Government Appointees;
  7. Provide fixed residential and escort duties to Judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the High Court;
  8. Provide fixed residential guard duties to Police Management Board members;


Parliamentary Protection Unit shall as the exigencies of the Service permit and based on availability of men:

  1. Provide the Speaker of Parliament with the following:
  2. An Assistant/Deputy Superintendent of Police as ADC;
  3. One armed man as bodyguard and
  4. Four armed men for 24-hour residential guard;
  5. Ensure former Speakers of Parliament are each provided with a bodyguard and a 24 hour residential guard;
  6. Ensure the two Deputy Speakers, Majority and Minority leaders are each provided with body guards and 24-hour residential guard;
  7. Ensure the Majority and Deputy Majority leaders as well as the Chief Whips and their respective two Deputies are each provided with bodyguard and night residential guards;
  8. Ensure provision of 24-hour security in the precincts of the House, Chamber, Job 600 and other installations/facilities belonging to the Parliament;
  9. Liaise with other Police Units in the event of ceremonial activities such as State of the Nation Address, Presidential handing over, etc to provide the needed security;
  10. Provide escort of select committees of Parliament on business tours, security coverage of vetting of Ministerial nominees;
  11. Perform any other duty as assigned by the IGP.


Financial institution Protection. The Director-General, NAPD shall:

  1. Ensure the provision of fixed guard at all Financial Institutions in the Country that have bilateral agreement with the Police Service;
  2. Ensure maximum protection of life and property, prevention of crime and apprehension of all offenders on all such premises;
  3. Liaise with other private security offices in all matters of security at the place.