Cybercrime Unit

The Cyber Crime Unit is a specialized unit at the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service with its primary role as detection and investigations of crimes whereby digital device(s), network(s), other telecommunication device(s) or the internet space is/are the target(s), or the means used.

The Cybercrime Unit also investigate sensitive cases such as online child exploitation and abuse and all other cases related to women and children on the internet space. The Cyber Crime Unit is equipped with a state-of–the-art Digital Forensics Laboratory for digital forensics examination, and Cyber Patrol Section for advance online monitoring and surveillance of Ghana’s cyber space for crime detection.

The Cyber Crime Unit’s involvement is not limited to criminal acts commonly associated with technology itself – such as hacking – but extends to investigations of more traditional offences such as fraud, threats, and other serious crimes whereas a digital device was the means used.

Undoubtedly, child abuse taking place over the internet has never been overlooked by the Cybercrime Unit.  Over the year, the Cyber Crime Unit has been working with support from UNICEF and National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to investigate, arrest and prosecute suspects of online child abuse and cyber bullying.



The Cybercrime Unit & Digital Forensic Laboratory is headed by ACP/Dr Herbert Gustav Yankson PhD, Director of the Cybercrime Unit and with Supt/Mr Eric Gyebi and ASP/Mr John Aduko as Deputy Directors.

The Cyber Crimes Unit (CU) & Digital Forensics Laboratory of the Ghana Police Service is composed of detectives specialized in cybercrime investigations and digital forensics.

The unit has three sections which include.

  • Cyber Investigations
  • Cyber Intelligence (Cyber patrol)
  • the Child Protection Digital Forensics Laboratory.



Functions and responsibilities may include all or a combination of:

  • Cybercrime Investigations, and prosecution
  • Collection of data and forensic analysis
  • Cyber Intelligence collection, analysis, and dissemination
  • Assessment and analysis of cybercrime phenomena
  • Specialized support to other police units
  • Cyber surveillance and monitoring



As the use of computers and digital devices has become widespread, the Child Protection Digital Forensics Laboratory supports the investigative challenges of a digital world. Digital devices seized in the cause of cyber investigations contains volume of data that the digital forensic experts must examine during an investigation and the evidence extracted serves as admissible evidence in court.  The digital forensic laboratory focuses on identifying, acquiring, processing, analyzing, and reporting on data stored electronically.



The Cyber Intelligence (Cyber Patrol) section generates intelligence which involves collecting information on cybercrime activities and criminals from a wide array of public, private and open sources, and then processing and analyzing that information. This Cyber Patrol section monitors and conducts cyber surveillance and monitoring on Ghana’s cyber space for detection, and prevention of cybercrime activities.



The Cyber Crime Unit can be contacted by walking in at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters located in Accra via the following means for assistance on how to make complaint:


Call the Ghana Police Helpline: 18555 or 191

Digital Address: GH-GA-017-5088

Official Facebook Page: