The Director-General, PPSB shall be responsible to the IGP for the following matters:

  1. Monitor compliance with International Police Professional Standards, Human Rights and enforcement of democratic Policing principles;
  2. Conduct periodic inspection of Police Stations, equipment, records, documents and other facilities in accordance with the guidelines provided in the relevant Service Instructions, particularly those relating to the following


  1. S.I. 155 – Proof of Previous Convictions
  2. S.I. 157 – Crime Returns
  3. S.I. 161 – Wanted Persons
  4. S.I. 162 – Police Gazette
  5. S.I. 153 – Duties and Discipline of Detectives
  6. S.I. 164 – Convicts on License: Supervisee


3. Investigate complaints from the public against Police Officers, instances of malfeasance and any other act of omission or commission;

4. Investigate complaints referred by the IGP or Police Management Board (POMAB) on matters concerning Police corruption, misconduct and other offences;

4. Develop and maintain a comprehensive database of complaints against Police Officers and misconducts of Police officers;

5. Undertake any other duties as assigned by the IGP.

     DG-PPSB DCOP Ms Lydia Yaako Donkor