MTTD Monitoring and Surveillance Centre; Public Notice! The Motor Traffic Monitoring and Surveillance Centre of the Ghana Police Service, in its bid to maintain discipline and limit road traffic accidents on our roads, has captured some road traffic offenders. These offenders were seen committing various road traffic offences including unauthorized parking, unauthorized stopping, dangerous driving; facing oncoming vehicles, dangerous driving posing danger to other road users, with total disregard to other members of the motoring public. These traffic offences were captured in snapshots and video footages along the Spintex Road-Papaye, Asylum Down, Kaneshie First Light, Lincoln Hotel Junction-Achimota Mile7 and St Theresa Clinic Junction-North Kaneshie all in Accra. The Ghana Police Service urges owners of the captured vehicles with the registration numbers below to report to the Accra Central Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) office, at Tudu, to assist in investigations immediately.

GN 8797 – 14

GX 36 – 12

GE 293 – 15

GS 3027 – 21

GW 2150 – W

GE 7999 – 17

GN 8496 -18

GN 4350 – 16

GR 7392 – V

GS 1225 – 19

GR 4265 – 17

BA 4794 – 19

NR 7929 – 20