The National Operations Department is responsible for all operational duties nationwide. It has oversight responsibility of all operation or action units of the Ghana Police Service. The directorates under this department include Formed Police Unit (FPU), Counter Terrorism, Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT), Highway Patrol, AirWing, Canine Unit, Rovers Motorbike Patrol, Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) and the Mounted Squadron Unit.

The action units ensure that all activities likely to lead to a breakdown of law and order in the country are curbed. Additionally, all disaster and risk management operation are carried out by the department. Units under the national operations respond rapidly to arrest offenders committing or who have committed crimes in this areas of operations.

Rapid Deployment Force: It is an action unit trained to give rapid response to security threats.

Mounted Squadron: The Unit trains horses acquired by the Ghana Police Service (GPS) for ceremonial duties and for crowd control.