To ensure accountability and reduce the perception of corruption in the Ghana Police Service, the Public Affairs Directorate has compiled the list of services and statutory fees charged by the various departments for the information of the general public.


Police Clearance



Nima Divisional Police Headquarters-Accra.




It is criminal background check for visa applicants and for immigration purposes for non-residents.



It is a background check for job applicants.




It is done at the CID headquarters to check whether a document issued is genuine.

Nominal Vetting (Non-Resident)


GH ¢ 1,380.00


Ordinary Vetting (Resident)



GH¢ 115.00 together with two (2) passport size pictures with red background




Employment Vetting.

Fingerprint request on CID Form 59.



GH¢ 69.00






Authentication of Police Clearance.




GH¢ 50.00



Vetting Board of Directors



Background check of people appointed by Institutions, Banks, Insurance Companies, Micro Finance institutions etc as Board of Directors.
Bank of Ghana


GH¢ 500.00



GH¢ 60.00
Security and Exchange commission GH¢ 60.00


2. Document Examination


·       Indenture

·       Will (Signature Analysis)

·       Slips from Banks

GH¢ 1, 150.00 Forensic Lab.

Payment Is Made At The Cid Headquarters.

It is done by the forensic Science laboratory department to check the authenticity of a document.
4. Investigation Report. GH¢ 92.00  CID Headquarters It is a report of a case under Police investigation and can be requested for by any of the parties involved, or by their lawyers.
5. DNA GH¢ 1,725.00 Forensic Science Lab.

CID Headquarters

DNA is done by the forensic science laboratory of the CID.
6. Authentication of Police Clearance. GH¢ 50.00 The CID Headquarters It is done at the CID headquarters to check whether a document issued is genuine.
7. Verification of Vehicle GH¢ 100.00 CID Headquarter Interpol, Accra.


It is done by the Interpol unit of the CID to check the status of vehicles imported from abroad to ensure that the vehicles are not stolen
8. Adoption Vetting GH¢ 60.00 CID Headquarters, Intelligent Unit. It entails a background check of couples who seek to adopt a child from the Department of Social Welfare in Ghana.
9. Police Accident Report GH¢ 80.00 Regional Police Headquarters Finance Offices/ Central MTTD Accra. Request for accident cases under Police investigation.
10. Bonded Warehouse certificate GH¢ 130.00 CID Headquarters Operation of warehouses.



11. Fixed guard/Specie and Escort duties



National Police Headquarters Monitoring And Evaluation Unit. The services include Bank guard duties, Corporate institutions or bodies, and individual security or guard.
1hr – 8hrs



GH¢    700.00 per head per month.
9hrs – 12hrs




GH¢     900.00 per head per month.





GH¢   2100.00 per month


Specie and Escort duties GH¢   700.00 per head per month.


12. Police Social/Event Centres



National Police Headquarters Pay Office. Event centres for wedding, funerals, birthday parties etc.


GH¢ 750.00







Police band



National Police Headquarters Welfare Office Or The Director Police Band. Live band music for all occasions or events.
Ceremonial band






Dance band GH¢2,000.00


14. Firearms (Pistol)



National CID Headquarters Fire arms registration and renewals.
New Registration


GH¢ 200.00




GH¢ 150.00



Shot Gun


New Registration





Renewal GH¢ 10.00