The Director-General, MTTD shall be responsible to the IGP for the following:

  1. Compilation of accident reports;
  2. Formulation of policies regarding the effective and efficient performance of the MTTD in line with general Service goals;
  3. Research into emerging challenges in the Motor Traffic and Road Safety sector;
  4. Liaison with appropriate agencies to develop effective training interventions of relevant stakeholders;
  5. Development of public education and sensitization programmes across the country on regular basis;
  6. Revamp and streamline operations of the Driver Training and Motor Riding School and ensure its sustainability;
  7. Collaboration with road safety stakeholders for effective law enforcement and road safety and traffic management throughout the country.
  8. Ensuring that motor traffic accidents are investigated promptly and appropriate reports issued to relevant parties;
  9. Ensuring that accident vehicles are removed from the premises of the Motor Traffic and Transports Units (MTTUs) to ensure sanity and safety of MTTU premises;
  10. Any other duty as assigned by the IGP.