The Director-General, PSOD shall be responsible to the IGP for the following:

  1. Ensure that all Private Security Organizations (PSOs) in the country operate within the confines of the law;
  2. Build and maintain accurate data on PSOs;
  3. Facilitate the vetting and training of prospective employees of PSOs by Director Generals, CID and HRD;
  4. Ensure that PSO’s employ only persons who are cleared and permitted by the regulatory authority to be employed by Private Security Organizations as prescribed by law;
  5. Examine records of PSOs to ensure that returns are filed on employees with the regulatory authority as prescribed by law;
  6. Monitor and supervise the operations of PSOs to ensure that they are duly licensed to operate within the applicable Private Security laws;
  7. Ensure the prosecution of principal officers of PSOs that are found to have breached the law;
  8. Institute and maintain an effective system of obtaining situation reports and intelligence from PSOs to support Police operations;
  9. Foster a healthy collaboration between Police and PSOs at all levels (from the national through the regional and district levels to individual Police patrol teams and private security guards in their respective areas of operations);
  10. Ensure that Regional Police Commanders are abreast with the situation regarding Private Security Operations in their respective areas of command;
  11. Liaise with Regional Commanders to ensure that all PSOs operate within the confines of the law;
  12. Carry out any other duties as assigned by the IGP.