The Director-General, Legal and Prosecutions shall report to the IGP on the following:

  1. Dockets that are earmarked for the Office of the Attorney General;
  2. Liaison with Regional Commanders on the proper course of investigation of criminal cases as and when necessary;
  3. Advise prosecutors on charges that have been preferred before the cases go to court;
  4. Advise on appropriate Courts to prosecute specific cases;
  5. Ensure that lawyers from the legal offices advise and/or assist Police Prosecutors in the prosecution of cases;
  6. Represent the IGP or the Service in court in all civil suits involving the Police in collaboration with the Attorney General;
  7. Establish links between the IGP/the Service and the Office of the Attorney General, Judicial and Parliamentary Services etc;
  8. Drafting of Deeds/Indenture in situations where Police resort to acquisition of landed property (eg. Land, building and other real estate developments);
  9. Drafting of contracts and agreements covering all procurements and/or purchases made by the Service;
  10. Ensure the existence of effective maintenance agreements covering items like communication equipment, vehicles, office equipment, etc. procured by the Police Service;
  11. Draw appropriate contracts between the Police and entities and/or organisations that apply to access Police Services;
  12. Represent the Police on the Judicial Council;
  13. Representation on the Police Tender Board meetings;
  14. Educate members of the Service on repeals, reviews, and amendments, etc of laws;
  15. Make recommendation on the repeals, reviews, and amendments of existing laws and instructions, etc;

The Director-General, Legal shall also be responsible for the following welfare issues:

  1. Ensure that legal services are operational and effective in situations where members of the Service become victims or suffer losses or damages in the performance of their duties;
  2. Help members of the Service to access workmen’s compensation;
  3. Offer legal aid for bereaved families of Police personnel;
  4. Inappropriate cases and at the exercise of reasonable discretion of the Legal Officer, advise, counsel represent and aid serving Police Personnel and retired officers in certain civil matters for a token fee; and
  5. Any other duties that may be assigned by the I.G.P.