News Release – Re – Police Accused of ‘Covering Up’ Defilement case of a 14-year old Yemeni

The attention of the Police Administration has been drawn to a news item on GhanaWeb dated 11th December, 2018 with the caption “Police Administration accused of ‘covering up’ defilement case of a 14 year old Yemeni”.

Essential facts of the case are that, a case of defilement was made to Police at Madina. Subsequently a petition was received by the Director-General/CID on November 7, 2018 who also called for the case docket and directed the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) National Coordinator, Headquarters to take over the case. Investigations are still ongoing. However, a duplicate docket has been forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for study and directives on some legal issues in order to complete the investigations.

Since the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters (CID) took up the case which involves cooperation of the complainant and his family, efforts to get the victim for some issues to be clarified have not been successful.

Police assures that due processes are being followed.