The La District Police has warned the youth in the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal area over the abusive intake of narcotic substances such as Cannabis, Tramadol, cocaine, etc. at a police-community engagement forum held in the La Manjaano.

The District Commander Supt. Anita Abroakwa cautioned the youth that Police will have no option than to deal ruthlessly with those who are caught dealing in drugs. She stated that some eighteen suspects who were recently arrested in the District in Police special operation for drug related offences have been remanded by the Court. She also cautioned community members about crimes such as rent fraud, burglary, spousal abuse, stealing, prostitution and mobile money scam which are mostly recorded in the District.

The District Crime officer DSP/Mr. Owoahene Acheampong also cautioned the youth on the adverse effects of illicit drugs on their physical and psychological wellbeing.  He bemoaned the huge labour force that was going waste due to over indulgence in this menace and challenged the youth to direct their energies towards the acquisition of knowledge in education and employable skills for their own good and that of their community.

The regional PRO, DSP Effia Tenge also educated the public against mobile money fraud and advised that people should verify accounts before resending monies claimed to have been mistakenly deposited in their wallets. She recounted a number of customers who have fallen victims to this scheme and advised vendors to provide papers for customers to write numbers of recipients of mobile monies instead of calling out numbers to the hearing of fraudsters hanging around.

The La District Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) Commander, ASP/ Mr. Nii Ottoo Quaye also urged drivers to renew their vehicle insurances and licenses, acquire valid road user certificates and carry out regular maintenance on their vehicles. He also warned motor riders in the area to desist from making unnecessary noise with their bikes during odd hours.

A Social Welfare representative, Madam Ernestina Fati Pwamang, advised parents to take advantage of the free Universal Basic Education  policy and send their wards to school since they are the future leaders of the community.

The forum, held on 17th April, 2019 brought together various youth groups, drivers associations, family heads, and market women associations, among others in the La Police District.

The community also appealed to Police to create a Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) at La since its absence makes them reluctant to report cases in this regard.