Road Safety Alerts

Road Safety Alerts

A responsible driver must use a legally acquired driver’s license to drive the appropriate vehicle permitted by law. Remember, it is an offence to drive with a fake driving license.

Key safety tips for responsible driving


  • Proper vehicle maintenance Regime – Ensuring vehicles are road worthy before stepping on the road is very essential.
  • Take care to ensure that your vehicle stays in good working condition. This includes keeping fluids topped off, performing schedule engine maintenance, functional exterior lights, good tires   and many more.
  • Defensive driving is something every driver must keep in mind to ensure safer road ways for all road users.  A good driver plans his journey, eg where to rest, etc…
  • Buckle Up – all occupants of a vehicle including the driver are obliged to wear theirs seat belts when it is available.  Babies are protected with child restraints.  Remember seat belts protect drivers and prevent secondary collision.
  • Staying alert – a driver must always concentrate, observe and anticipate whiles driving.
  • Tolerance – Ignoring provocations from other road users is an essential attribute of a good driver
  • Exercise patience – many road accidents are caused by impatient drivers.
  • Share the road – Remember to share the road with other users graciously, recognizing that all drivers and road users in general deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Obey Traffic Signals – Pay close attention to and obey stop signs and traffic lights.
  • Remember that the intent of an amber or yellow signal is to notify drivers  to slow down and prepare to stop and should not be viewed as a sign to speed through an intersection before the light turns red.  The Green signal means go if it is safe, this is to avoid crashing with recalcitrant drivers who jumps red.  Red simply means stop.
  • “Kill your speed before it kills you” It is very important for drivers to stick to the posted speed limit at all times.
  • Appropriate Speeding – Drivers are reminded to always make adjustments by slowing down when the prevailing weather and environmental conditions are less than perfect such as rainy, foggy, hilly or poor roads, extra precautions are expected.
  • Never drive under the influence of Alcohol or drugs no matter how much or how little you take, your attention and concentration span is dramatically reduced which significantly increases the chance of an accident.
    • Remember getting behind the wheel of a vehicle be it car, truck, motorcycle or any other motorized vehicle after consuming alcohol is a serious crime.
  • A responsible driver must always avoid needless distractions such as using hand held cell phone, eating, sending text messages etc… whilst driving.
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President Akufo Addo names New IGP


Watch the President of the Republic of Ghana, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo unveil the New Inspector General of Police. Mr. David Asante-Apeatu.

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Domestic Violence & Victim Support Unit [DOVVSU]


The Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit [DOVVSU] of the Ghana Police Service is a one-stop centre of services for victims of abuse and others.

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Latest News

  • News Release: IGP Directs Speedy Investigation Into Death of Two Policemen.

    News Release: IGP Directs Speedy Investigation Into Death of Two Policemen. Two Police Officers have been killed at Manso Nkwanta in the Ashanti Region and Akyem Swedru in the Eastern Region, respectively between 6:00 pm of Monday 19th August 2019 and 6:00 am of Tuesday 20th August 2019. The Acting Inspector-General of Police, Mr. James

    August 20, 2019
  • Ghc10,000.00 Reward Still Available for Information on Tamale Killers.

    Police confirm arrest of five persons of interest, in connection with the murder of late Police Woman Corporal, Agatha Nana Nabin, who was killed while on snap check duty at the Kumbugu road at Tamale on the night of 30th July 2019. Despite the arrest, Police encourage the public to continue to volunteer information leading

    August 2, 2019
  • 141 Police recruits pass out at Ho

    141 POLICE RECRUITS PASS OUT AT HO On 30th July, 2019, a colourful Passing out Parade was held at the Regional Police Training School, Ho for an all-male contingent of 141 General Police Recruits. The event started at 0930Hrs as scheduled and ended at 1100Hrs.  The General Police Recruits displayed various skills in both foot

    August 2, 2019

Our Fallen Heroes

Our Heroes

Constable Michael Kporyi

Our Heroes

Lance Corporal Robert Ackah

It’s not always easy or “convenient” being a police officer, but it is a noble calling. And the Ghana is fortunate that the members of our police service are all honourable men and women, dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens of our community. They sacrifice of their time, their talents….and sometimes their very own lives.
On this page we honour several brave and dedicated men from the Ghana Police Service: men and women who – in dangerous situations – were reaching out to help those in need of their services and ultimately paid the ultimate sacrifice. It is with great honor that we dedicate this section to them – to let their families know that who they were, and what they stood for, remains steadfast in our hearts and our minds. We are proud to call them our brothers and sisters. We will be forever thankful that they chose to serve their country.

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Crime Fighters

Our goal is to ensure a proactive and professional approach to the prevention and detection of crime, protection of life and property.

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The MTTD educates road users on accident-free road practices through training of motorists and pedestrians.

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