Commercial Crime Unit – CCU

Commercial Crime Unit - CCU

Property Fraud

The property fraud unit now Property Fraud Section was established in May 2006. It had an office strength of about 15 personnel. The Section currently occupies part of the 1st floor of the CID-Headquarters building.

Functions of the Unit

Activities of land guards and cases of fraud involving acquisition of land or houses were a bane to the Ghana Police Service. Consequently, the unit was set up to clamp down on the perpetrators of these activities. The section investigates offences such as Fraudulent Transaction, Trespass, causing Unlawful Damage, Forgery of Document, Causing or Threat of Harm.


Annual report for the year ending 2012

Trespass – 408

Fraudulent Transaction – 424

Causing Unlawful Damage – 225

Threat of Death – 20

Forgery of Document – 16

Stealing – 11

Forcible Entry – 1

Assault – 4

Illegal sand winning – 3

Issue of false Cheque – 1

Public Education | Advice

  • Don’t rely on the document you are given by the Land Lord.
  • Engage a competent surveyor, if possible from the survey Department to survey the land and prepare a site plan for you.
  • Conduct a search at both the Lands Commission Secretariat and Land Registration Division to see the status of it.
  • If it reveals the name of the Land Lord granting the land to you, then you can go ahead to acquire it.
  • Do not make any payment to any Landlord until the necessary checks on the land are completed and you are convinced it is a genuine offer.
  • Ensure that documents covering the land you purchase are immediately transferred into your name.
  • Do not buy lands demarcated for government or municipal projects.
  • Do not buy lands that are not covered by documents.
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