Criminal Data Service Bureau – CDSB

Criminal Data Service Bureau - CDSB

The Criminal data Services Bureau [CDSB] is one of the specialized units at the CID Headquarters. It is made up of the Fingerprint Bureau, Singles Fingerprint and the Criminal Records Office.

Functions of the CDSB

The CDSB undertakes the following functions:

  • The unit receives the fingerprints and crime details of suspects and convicted criminals (on CID Forms 6 and 8) from the various police stations for classification and preparation of criminal records.
  • Publication of wanted persons, missing persons, stolen property and recovered/found property in the Police Gazette.
  • Examination of disputed fingerprints of documents.
  • Visiting of crime scenes to lift latent fingerprints for analysis in order to identify suspects.
  • Vetting or criminal background check for prospective travelers and job seekers.

Automation of the Processes at the CDSB

Fingerprints and criminal records stored at the CDSB date back to the nineteen twenties (1920’s) as part of the initiative to automate the processes and procedures at the CID Headquarters, the automated criminal records database was implemented in May 2001. An automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) was also implemented in September 2011.

Currently over 3,700 fingerprints and related records have been captured in the AFIS system. In addition, records of convicts dating back to 1986 have been captured in the Criminal Records Database System. The unit is actively engaged in capturing all the manual records and fingerprints of convicts into the systems. When this exercise is completed, all searches would be fully automated and search results could be returned within minutes.

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